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Yep, that’s me. And I’m a photographer. Its more likely that you’ll find me drinking coffee than tea but tea is written there to not be one mainstream coffee addict.

Oh and that’s me shooting. In most cases I do help start-ups and entrepreneurs in the fashion and lifestyle industry to get brand-like imagery.  My sweet spot are eco-friendly and social brands.

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my mission

We live in the 21th century. One reason to foster brands, entrepreneurs and companies that are working together for a future we want to live in.

For that reason I want to support eco-friendly, sustainable and human-friendly brands. And I want to do it with the one [thing] I’m most experienced with: creating beautiful imagery which transports the brands message.

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did you know that I sell fine art prints?

I have an online shop at Etsy where I sell fine art prints of my work. But there is something more to it: these prints are packaged in biodegradable and/or recycled materials. Printed with high quality ink and really durable Hahnemühle Paper – which makes them ecological too because they don’t fade and last forever.

my story

Me at Work - Shooting a girl in a dress - photographer Lara Slevec

As a Kid I was doing all kinds of creative stuff: writing, painting, crafting and so on. But I felt that something was still missing. I did all of them with joy but there wasn’t much passion in these things. Later on in life I discovered photography. Throughout my teens I [practiced] it heavily. It was the passion I somehow had in photography which was missing in all the other creative stuff. And as my grand-dad and dad had a sweet-spot for photography it isn’t a surprise that creating imagery became what I’m most passionate about. So during the years I showed most interest in photographing people and fashion (If you could call Highschool cloths anything like fashion). It’s the connection and the fun during a photoshoot that keeps me going. The creative energy that arises when I work with other creative minds on the same creative project is just awesome. There is this flow which keeps me at shooting people.

It was clear for me that I want to pursue photography further and become a photographer as a side job. But when I finished school and worked at an internship I was searching for a profession and I thought: If I want to work as a photographer on the side anyway, why wouldn’t I try it full-time and make my passion into my profession? So I made my decision and flew to Peru (which was my international experience). I had my seat at the academy for photo design safe. But while I traveled trough Peru I wondered: Maybe I should do an internship at a fashion photography studio. Just to be sure that it’s really what I wanted. So I did my internship at Sallyhateswing and started my studies in photo design.

And now I’m here. I completed my degree in July 2021 and am a fully trained photographer and photo designer in the fashion, commercial and lifestyle industry.

But...what's the difference?

Whats the difference between a photo designer and a photographer.?
Fotografin Lara Slevec | Stuttgart

photo design

The work of a photo designer is always part of a co-creative interaction between graphic designers, digital media designers, motion designers, copywriters, journalists or exhibition designers. Therefore, comprehensive photographer knowledge and technological expertise is the key component of the workload.

Photo design is the creative and artistic examination of the media of photography and film or video. She develops visual languages. (MFM Bildhonorare 2021)


In my opinion a photographer captures stories and emotions. They help to tell the values in a visual way. She or he creates the plan for creative imagery which transports the brands message and supports the brands voice. They help to tell a visual story which converts viewers into clients and help to strengthen the relationship between them. 

Fotografin Lara Slevec | Stuttgart

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